Until now, devising, implementing and maintaining a quick and affordable helicopter program that meets government requirements was “nearly a mission impossible.”

With Skycore’s Blackhawk 360 Solution, you not only have fast delivery and low cost but complete customization and quality with integrated long term support. As an international helicopter service provider, Skycore has the proven ability to purchase, refurbish and deliver former US Army UH-60A Blackhawks to your force, whether you need one aircraft or an entire fleet.  Each helicopter is tailored to meet your needs.

The Blackhawk

General Electric (2) T700-GE-700
Max. Continuous Power 1,318 shp/engine
Aux. Power Unit (APU) Honeywell or Sundstrand
Empty 10,387 – 11,253 lbs 4,711 – 5,104 kg
Max. Take-Off 22,000 lbs 10,000 kg
Cruise Speed 139 – 145 kts 257 – 268 kph
VNE Speed 193 kts
Vertical Climb Rate 390 – 1,000 fpm
Service Ceiling 19,000 ft
Hover Ceiling IGE 18,000 ft @ 18,000 lbs @ 25C
Hover Ceiling OGE 18,000 ft @ 16,400 lbs @ 25C
Standard Fuel Capacity 360 gal 1,363 ltr
Range (30 min reserve) 300 nm 555 km
Endurance 2.5 hrs
Main Module Transmission 28000 series
Hover Infrared Suppression System (HIRSS)

Skycore Refurbishes the Blackhawk

We are experts in refurbishing Blackhawks.  Our FAA licensed technicians:

  • Conduct phase maintenance inspections (PMI-1 and PMI-2)
  • Update the calendar and hourly inspections
  • Replace TBO items to meet your specifications
  • Ensure 1.0 ETF engines
  • Paint the interior and exterior to your design

UH-60A Baseline Configuration

During the refurbishment process or after, Skycore can upgrade your UH-60A with your specific communications, navigation, instrumentation and mission equipment packages.

The refurbished UH-60A Blackhawk’s baseline configuration

Engines GE T700-GE-700
Transmission 28000 Series
APU Sundstrand  116305-302
Avionics AN/ARC-186 VHF AM/FM Radio
ASN-43 Mag Compass
ARN-123 VOR Receiver
ARN-89 ADF Receiver
APN-209 Radar Altimeter
Full Primary Flight Instruments

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